The Best Summer Jobs for College Students

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June 11, 2020

Summer jobs are a major part of the college experience. When you don’t have to worry about the stress of classes, you can use the extra time to build up your bank account.

However, COVID-19 changed everything. Many local businesses stopped hiring due to the lack of customers. And even if a place is hiring, you may not want to leave the safety of social isolation to make some money.

Fortunately, you can have it both ways by working from home. And we’ve assembled the best possible remote summer jobs for college students.

Blogging and Social Media Management

You spend a lot of time writing college essays. Why not use those writing skills to make some money? By writing blogs for other sites or starting your own blog, you can create a fun and fulfilling stream of income.

If you live online but don’t want to blog, you can always become a social media manager and help promote someone’s brand. Trust us: you already have more social media skills than most traditional companies will ever have, and they’re looking for talent just like you.

Find great blogging jobs at ProBlogger.

Virtual Assistant

Thanks to COVID-19, many offices switched to remote work. But whether it’s from home or in the office, every business needs people who can keep things organized.

If you’re a naturally organized person, you may enjoy life as a virtual assistant. You’ll help people manage deadlines, schedule meetings, and bring their projects to life. Just think of it group work you get paid for!

Find great virtual assistant jobs at

Virtual Data Entry

There are many virtual data entry scams out there, but also plenty of genuine jobs. And it’s the kind of job that perfectly utilizes your existing set of skills.

With moderate skills in typing and communication, you can become an expert in virtual data entry. This makes for a solid summer paycheck but may also open additional doors for you in the coming years.

Find great data entry jobs at FlexJobs.

Online College Counselor

You’ve probably already experienced colleges shift to online classes. However, moving everything online doesn’t mean that students don’t still need help outside the classroom!

That’s why an online college counselor position may be perfect for you. Most of this job revolves around walking students through basic skills, unexpected challenges, and class-related stress. And even if you can’t snag a counselor job at your existing school, you may find a gig at a 100% online university.

Teach English Online

Chances are you never imagined yourself teaching other students. But what if you could teach the one thing you’ve completely mastered?

English as a Second Language teachers are needed all over the world, and most of the best teachers work remotely. You could teach students across the world without leaving your couch. 

And you don’t have to be the English teacher’s pet to get these gigs. Many ESL courses focus more on conversational English than perfect grammar.

Find online English teaching jobs at VIPKID.

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