Less than Half of Colleges Plan to Reopen in Person in the Fall
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By Mark Kantrowitz

July 29, 2020

Less than half of colleges plan to open in-person classes or a hybrid of in-person and online classes this fall, according to data compiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Davidson College,. The data covers college reopening plans for nearly 3,000 colleges and universities.

The Chronicle’s list of colleges’ reopening plans shows that 39.5% of colleges will offer in-person classes or a hybrid. More than a quarter (27.7%) will be fully or primarily online (0.9% with some students on campus). 6% are Other and 27% are TBD. 

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The inclusion of a TBD category is a change from the Chronicle’s previous data, which excluded the TBD category.

The new database also includes many more community colleges, which are more likely to be online only. About half of public 4-year colleges (51.9%) and private non-profit 4-year colleges (48.1%) will offer at least some in-person classes, compared with nearly a quarter of community colleges (22.4%).

The database of college reopening plans is updated daily. 

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