Fun Summer Activities for Middle School Students

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By Lauren Graves

June 2, 2020

Keeping middle school-aged kids busy can be a challenge when it seems like all they want to do is use technology, but these children just require a good set of fun, age-appropriate activities to keep them entertained.

When your child comes to you with the question, “What should I do?” this summer, suggest things that will allow for the most creativity and expression possible, as students of this age need to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Use this list of potential ideas to get started.

Make a Board Game

Give your child something fun to do that everyone can be a part of by suggesting that they design their own board game. Play all of their favorites to spark their imagination and then help them brainstorm ideas. Check in with their progress often and be sure to play it with them as a family when they’re done. 

Write to a Pen Pal

Writing pen pal letters to friends old and new can create lasting bonds and kill serious time. If your child seems to really enjoy writing these letters, they could have multiple pen pals at once.

Start a YouTube Channel

Work together with your child to think of something that their channel can be about and let them record themselves talking about or doing it. Ideally, they will choose something that isn’t video game- or television-related, but it’s up to you to decide what to allow.

Use caution here. Understand that this will require close monitoring on your part, at least at first, if you are going to ensure that your student will use the platform in a responsible way. If you prefer not to let your child use YouTube, try a podcast instead.

Review Books

If there’s anything middle school students love, it’s sharing their opinions. Let them do just that by providing them with a platform through which they can share book reviews. This could even be a website, just be mindful of who can see it if you choose to publish—the most important thing is that they have fun with it and make it their own.

A good place to start:

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