5 Fun Things for Kids to do This Summer (K-5)

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By Lauren Graves

June 2, 2020

Whether you’re a parent working from home and have deadlines to meet or you’re just tired of how much television your children have been watching, you might need a few good ways to keep your K-5 kids busy when lemonade stands, playing outside, and legos no longer do the trick.

Put on an Art Gallery

Chances are good that your child enjoys making and displaying their art, so encourage them to make as much as possible. Once they have several pieces, put on an art gallery.

If your child isn’t usually the artistic type, suggest different types of art. Maybe they don’t like painting or drawing, but they’ll love stenciling. A poetry night could be a good alternative.

Reenact a Favorite Movie

Let them star in, produce, and direct a reenactment of their favorite movie, encouraging them to do it from memory, then host a movie night to watch it when it’s all put together. This is a good way to kill time and is more productive than them watching the same movie again and again.

Host a Carnival

Kids love playing outside and they love having their creative visions realized. Combine the two by letting them host a carnival. This activity will be exciting and rewarding, and it’s something that can be done again and again. Games, obstacle courses, rides, and food stands—make nothing off-limits!

Learn to Garden

If you think that young children aren’t capable of learning to garden, think again. Whether it’s flowers or veggies, any kid with enough patience and space to experiment can learn to garden. Teach them the basics and let them figure it all out on their own or hold their hand until they get the hang of it. 

Even if nothing grows, your child will enjoy all of the digging, planting, and watering that comes with growing plants on their own. It’s up to you to decide how much independence you’ll allow here, but more freedom is encouraged.

Paint Their Bedroom Wall

If you’re feeling brave and want to let your child take self-expression to a whole new level, give them a wall to paint. Even better, let them paint a wall in their own room. Giving them such an important responsibility will instill in them a sense of ownership in their work and they’ll be thrilled to have such a large blank canvas to work with.

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